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Today is Apr 21, 2021
Ella Sherman
Associate Executive Sales Manager - Singapore Rentals, Sales & Overseas Prop
CEA Licence No.:
L3008430D / R015528H

Call (+65) 9155 1010 - (+65) 0410
About Me

Ella has lived in several different countries and moved house over twenty times. She’s lived and worked in Asia for 20 years now and is passionate about her work in Human Resources and Global Mobility. Ella enjoys getting to know her clients and assisting them with their relocation by finding great homes for them to buy or rent.

In her spare time Ella’s part of an animal adoption volunteer network, including SPCA Singapore, and finds homes for pets as well as people! So if you're looking for a super pet dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster then please get in touch with Ella before heading to the pet shop. Adopt, don't buy. Expats please remember that a pet is for life, not just for the duration of your assignment in Singapore! Please, take your pets home with you (and if you need help with the logistics I'm happy to advise you). Alternatively, please consider fostering a pet from Singapore SPCA during your assignment.

Please contact Ella at +65 9155-1010 or [email protected] for further details. 

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