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Today is Apr 21, 2021
Ella Sherman
Associate Executive Sales Manager - Singapore Rentals, Sales & Overseas Prop
CEA Licence No.:
L3008430D / R015528H

Call (+65) 9155 1010 - (+65) 0410
Why Use an Exclusive Agent?

Find YOUR Dream Home!

...How many agents does it take to find your dream home? Just one good one.

- Deal with just one agent to conduct your home search, rather than hundreds! In turn this means you don't get bombarded with phone calls and emails from lots of agents all wanting to show you the same properties
- You still get to view pretty much everything available out there, as we have access to a huge islandwide database of properties for rent and sale by all the professional property agencies in Singapore
- Premiere Realty Pte Ltd co-broke with other agencies and individual agents, which is normal practise in Singapore, so consequently you don't miss out on what you want to view
- No conflict of interest, as we don't do dual representation and only look after your needs
- Have a highly competent agent working for you, trying to get the best deal possible for you
- Focusing purely on your specific requirements and refining your home search to exactly what you want to see, rather than wasting your time taking you to places that don't fit your needs
- Getting to know what you do and don't like, so you're more likely to find the perfect fit
- You have someone representing you throughout the process, including negotiating the price, the terms and conditions, special requests and so on
- This beneficial service typically doesn't cost you anything since normally the Landlord or Vendor ends up paying our agency fee* *Unless otherwise stipulated or where the Landlord or Vendor or their Agent isn't paying any fee
- Premiere Realty Pte Ltd's premier service goes way beyond move-in day, and offers ongoing advice and assistance with your property or related queries on living in Singapore for the duration of your stay
- Have one agent who is dedicated to finding the property of your dreams, as YOU'RE OUR PRIORITY

- We're a boutique agency so we try harder to satisfy your requirements

- In return for a great service I only ask that you're pleasant to deal with and use me as your exclusive agent. I do not take on overly rude, dismissive or unreasonably demanding clients as life's too short to contend with this. I truly believe 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'
- I work with most Nationalities, and my favourite Nationalities to work for include Irish, South African, Canadian, English, Welsh, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, New Zealander, American and Argentinean.

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